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GRITA (acronym in Spanish that stands for Grabar, Registrar, Investigar, Triangular, Asistir) is a platform that seeks to facilitate the reporting of police violence to contribute to its eradication. We believe that by recording, registering, investigating, triangulating information from the reports, and legally assisting the victims of police violence, we can prevent authority abuses by the police forces. GRITA is a collective project.

Read the press releases issued by Temblores ONG in the framework of the national strike of April and May 2021, with reports of police violence documented through our GRITA platform.

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If you have been a victim or witness of police violence, you can register it on our platform. Also, if you require legal assistance, you can request it through Policarpa, our legal clinic.

🚨 I want to record an event of police violence as:

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We believe that the current situation warrants the need for a profound national debate on structural police reform. We created the #UrnasALaCalle initiative to systematize the proposals that people make.


We demand a


Memorias del Paro Nacional 2021

Recopilamos algunos testimonios de colectivos, fundaciones y organizaciones que realizaron acciones en defensa de los derechos de la ciudadanía que se manifestó en las calles en el marco del paro nacional de 2021

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